Kids Boxing offers fundamental skills to 5 - 13 year olds. 

Term 2 starts April 29th 2019 - July 3rd 2019. 

Grading date is 1st July 2019. 

Class Times: Mon & Wed 4.30pm - 5.15pm.  The gym will be open from 4.15pm onwards.

Cost: Term 1 - $90 (9 weeks) Term 2 - $100 (10 weeks), Term 3 $100(10 weeks) , Term 4 $90 ( 9 weeks).


Our awards are selected on attitude, attendance, effort, dedication and lastly skill progression.  Congratulations to the below children for their achievements. 

Junior Boxer of the Year 2018

Liam Wilson

Junior Boxers Term 4 

Term 4 Aston Lee,  Lucius Clarke-Wilson 

Previous Term Award Winners

Term 3 Akarsha Truuts 

Term 2 Reily Bright 

Term 1 Jack O'Donoghue, Liam Wilson


In term 4 last year we held our first ever Star Grading. We have implemented the grading system to provide our kids with the opportunity to strive towards achieving goals while gaining recognition for their hard work. The first Lab Junior Boxers to pass our grading are listed below;  

2nd White Star Lexi Russell  Lucius Clarke-Wilson 

1st White Star Navaeh Hardgrave Liam Wilson

To recognise the grade achievement a certificate will be awarded and the child will have the opportunity to have a star placed the sleeve of their Lab T-Shirt and the small cost of $5 per star added.  Star Gradings will be held twice per year and the 2019 dates are set for Monday 1st July the end of Term 2 Wednesday 3rd December the end of Term 4

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