GENERAL BOXING: An effective way to gaining fitness, burn calories, building functional strength and power and it's a fantastic form of stress relief.
Catering for beginners to intermediate levels  the sessions include boxing technique, combinations, cardio drills, and boxing specific exercises.  We recommend you have your own personal gear however we have communal gloves available for use. Boxing gloves and wraps available for purchase also.
Classes: Mon, Wed, Fri 6.05pm - 7.05pm
FIGHTERS CLASS: An advanced programme designed specifically for our fight team who compete.  This is an invite only session reserved for those that wish to step in the ring.  
Safety gear such as groin guard, head gear and mouth guard are required for sparring. 
Classes: Are invite only 
BATTLE FOR LIFE: The Lab Training Centre is proud to be the training base for the Battle For Life Red Team.  Battle For Life is Hawke's Bays longest running boxing event which raises funds for local charities every year. 
Sessions for Battle For Life  are exclusive for those who wish to be considered to compete in The Battle For Life, boxers must commit to the training schedules leading up to the event. 
Classes: Will be announced in the new year. Stay tuned for details. 

BOXING BOOTCAMP: Here is a chance to challenge yourself! Get in shape! And learn the art of boxing basics!

If you are sick of your standard training routine. Then Sign up for our next BOXING BOOTCAMP!

If you need a new approach to fitness, weight management, self-confidence and even self defence, then Boxing could be just what you're looking to blast away the boredom and keep you focused, energised and on target. 

Bootcamp Dates: TBC for 2018